Three Arrows Capital

Three Arrows Capital is a hedge fund established in 2012 and focused on providing superior risk-adjusted returns, founded by Su Zhu and Kyle Davies.

Vincent Van Dough

Vincent Van Dough is a pseudonymous NFT collector, widely considered among the most influential in crypto art.

Starry Night Capital

Starry Night Capital is a NFT fund focused on collecting premium digital art founded by Su Zhu, Kyle Davies, and Vincent Van Dough.

Jehan Chu

Jehan Chu is founder and managing partner of Hong Kong-based Kenetic Capital.

Shaun Djie

Shaun Djie is co-founder of Digix, the first digital smart asset company on Ethereum and advisor/board member to Tokocrypto, the first and largest regulated digital asset exchange in Indonesia.

Raghav Sood

Raghav Sood is the VP of Strategy at Coinhako.

Fine Art Storage Services

Fine Art Storage Services (FASS) is the largest tenant within Le Freeport Singapore. Located within a free-trade zone, FASS operates with strict temperature and humidity control, fire-suppression system, 24/7 surveillance and the latest technologies for securing and preserving high value collectables.

Specialising in the realm of fine art, wines, jewellery, watches and more, FASS is committed to providing the highest level of security, confidentiality and service to our clients.


Restless is a branding and design studio that combines strategic intelligence and creative rigour to deliver meaningful work.

Coinhako  @coinhako_official
Founded in 2014, Coinhako is Singapore’s leading digital assets wallet service provider and one of the longest standing platforms in the Asia Pacific region. Established by industry experts Yusho Liu and Gerry Eng, Coinhako aims to provide easy access to digital assets like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Asia. Headquartered in Singapore, the firm is backed by prominent investors such as Tim Draper, Boost VC and Jump Capital.

Appetite is a multi-concept space and research centre led by Ivan Brehm. Appetite’s art program, managed by Clara Che Wei Peh and Seet Yun Teng, brings the experience of an art gallery to an unconventional and relational space. Every three months the team curates new exhibitions that feature established and emerging artists alike, many of whose works have never been shown in Singapore before.