Mon, Nov 8
9 - 10pm

With Our Collectors — Why Collect NFTs?

Join our collectors for a wide-ranging conversation on the motivations and significance of their NFT collecting practice.  With Kyle Davies, Jehan Chu, and Shaun Djie. Moderated by Shuyin Yang.

Kyle Davies is the Co-Founder and Chairman of Three Arrows Capital, a hedge fund established in 2012.

Jehan Chu is Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Kenetic, a blockchain venture capital and cryptocurrency trading firm based in Hong Kong.

Shaun Djie is Co-Founder of Digix, the first digital smart asset company to be built on Ethereum Blockchain Protocol.

Shuyin Yang is Fair Director of Art SG. She started her career in art at Christie’s, working in London, Singapore and Hong Kong.

9-10PM SGT.

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Tue, Nov 9
9 - 10pm

With Our Artists — On NFTs as a Medium

What does it mean to be an NFT artist? Join four of our exhibiting artists for an in-depth exploration of art making in the age of crypto. With Sarah Meyohas, Benjamin Gentilli (Robert Alice), Tyler Hobbs, and Dmitri Cherniak. Moderated by Clara Che Wei Peh.

Sarah Meyohas is a conceptual artist whose practice considers the nature and capabilities of emerging technologies in contemporary society. She holds dual degrees in Finance and International Relations from the University of Pennsylvania and in 2015 received her M.F.A. from Yale University. Her works have been exhibited at institutions, including: the Barbican Centre, London, United Kingdom; the Jameel Arts Center, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Ming Contemporary Art Museum, Shanghai, China.

Benjamin Gentilli (Robert Alice) is an artist and pioneer in the crypto art and NFT space. Portraits of a Mind is Robert Alice’s first series, created over a 3-year period, and the first work with an NFT that was offered at an auction house.

Generative artist Tyler Hobbs (b. 1987, United States of America) works primarily with algorithms, plotters, and paint. His practice focuses on computational aesthetics, how they are shaped by the biases of modern computer hardware and software, and how they relate to and interact with the natural world around us.

Dmitri Cherniak is a Canadian artist and coder based in New York City. His algorithmic art has been exhibited in galleries, museums and exhibitions in New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, and Miami. Above all else, Dmitri considers automation as his primary artistic medium. Dmitri’s on-chain generative art project Ringers (2021) was one of main catalysts in helping a new generation of technologically savvy collectors learn to understand and appreciate generative art.

Clara Che Wei Peh is Curator and Art Lead at Appetite.

9-10PM SGT.

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Sun, Nov 14
9 - 10pm

The NFT Ecosystem in Southeast Asia

What does Southeast Asia’s NFT art ecosystem look like? Join us to find out from some key players in the scene. With Colin Goltra, Shavonne Wong, Tom Tandio, and Clara Che Wei Peh. Moderated by Chris Fussner.

Colin Goltra is Director of Southeast Asia at Binance.

Shavonne Wong is a fashion and advertising photographer from Singapore turned 3D virtual model creator, who creates artworks with her virtual models that juxtapose realism and surrealism together, placing the virtual models in scenes that cannot be done with a real human model. She is part of the Forbes 30U30 Asia list in 2020 and has recently done an NFT for the first-ever NFT cover of Vogue.

Tom Tandio has been closely involved in assisting local artists to reach both national and international audiences, having served on the board of the Biennale Jogja, Yogyakarta, and founded IndoArtNow Foundation, an online platform archiving works by contemporary Indonesian artists. His own collection concentrates on Southeast Asian contemporary art.

Clara Che Wei Peh is Curator and Art Lead at Appetite. She is also the Founder of NFT Asia, and has written about NFTs on Hyperallergic, SuperRare, and Art and Market.

Christopher Fussner is a trans-disciplinary designer, cultural labourer, and founder of Tropical Futures Institute rooted in Cebu, Philippines. Chris studied Design Strategy and Research at Parsons School of Design and is currently based in New York. He is interested in innovation cycles, and a class at Parsons known as ‘post planetary design’ inspired him into the space of cryptocurrency and NFT.

9-10PM SGT. 

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